HomMed Health Monitoring System

HomMed’s state-of-the-art Health Monitoring System provides daily, at-home medical monitoring for people with various health conditions.

Precious Home Health Care uses HomMed monitors to help care for patients suffering from chronic illnesses, such as congestive heart failure (CHF), diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonar disease, hypertension and other conditions.

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Andodyne Therapy

Anodyne emits monochromatic infrared photo energy (MIRE™) to substantially increase local circulation and temporarily reduce pain. Andodyne has been designed to maximize the effectiveness of infrared photo energy using highly efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) placed in direct skin contact.

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V.A.C. Therapy

The V.A.C.® (Vacuum Assisted Closure™) assists in wound closure by applying localized negative (sub-atmospheric) pressure to help promote wound healing. Vacuum pressure is applied to a special dressing positioned in the wound cavity or over a flap or graft. This pressure-distributing wound packing helps remove fluids from the wound and promote the normal healing process

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